Microsoft Surface Phone: A Smartphone That Folds?

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What you are looking at above is a sketch of a product that is trademarked by Microsoft and major insiders are claiming it to be the rumoured Surface Phone.

In case you haven’t heard, rumours are claiming that Microsoft wants to make a return to the smartphone scene and their strategy is to offer a one-off flagship phone tailored for executives and productivity-seekers.

It is the same strategy model that helped made the Surface Pro a massive success in the tablet industry hence it may serve Microsoft well in the smartphone market.

Based on the diagram, we can see that there are two large displays with a joint in the middle and this implies on a phone with a dual and foldable screen. With the two displays opening up, the Surface Phone may function like a tablet and the setup can greatly boost multitasking.

The idea may just work well for Microsoft as the unique offering will definitely create a new market in the smartphone industry. But the question still remains. Will it happen?