Microsoft Surface Phone Can Start A 2-In-1 Phone-Tablet Segment!

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Plenty of rumours have teased on Microsoft’s return in the smartphone market through a one-off product that bears the Surface moniker. The Surface is a leading name in the tablet scene and this is owed to its great focus for productivity.

As such, if the Surface Phone is going to happen, we can expect the device to follow the same strategy and that is to offer the best-in-class multi-tasking ability for maximum productivity.

Today, these rumours have strengthened further after a trademark sketch from Microsoft got leaked online and it highlights on a smartphone that can fold. As how you can see above, the device has two screens and each display is about the size of an average smartphone today.

So, if one display panel is to measure at about 5.5”, the overall size of the phone when opened up would be at 11”. This can make the Surface Phone function flawlessly like a typical Surface Pro tablet thus raising the prospect for success.

Microsoft has said before that the 2-in-1 laptop cum tablet are the biggest challenge for the Surface Pro hence we can expect the Surface Phone to bring that same challenge into the smartphone world. The only question here is will it happen?