Microsoft Surface Phone: Is It Just Wishful Thinking?

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For almost a decade already, the smartphone market has been dominated by three strong names in the market – Apple, Samsung and Google – and it appears that some consumers are getting tired of it.

This is proven when there is a growing hype for the Microsoft Surface Phone, a device which was never even teased by Microsoft. A recent statement confirmed that Microsoft is puzzled by the rumoured Surface Phone that is in development as they have not said a word on the matter.

The rumours were all claiming that Microsoft is working on a smartphone version of the Surface Pro tablet and it will be a device that can change the landscape of the market. Well, it is clear now that the rumours are pretty much salty and you should take it like-wise.

But the fact that such a rumour turned into a craze suggests that there is truly a growing number of consumers that are interested in something new and different. If Microsoft notices this, then we may just see an official Surface Phone turning into reality.