Microsoft Surface Phone: Leak Points To A Revolutionary Offering!

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Apple iPhone 5S are smartphones that are worthy of being called revolutionary. This is because they introduce something new and massive to the industry which then gets picked up by other smartphones in the market.

As such, we would say that the rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone is bound to be revolutionary if it is to come out based on our imagination.

Knowing that the Surface is the number one brand in the tablet market due to it being tailored for productivity, we can expect the phone variant to have a similar offering. Furthermore, a leak trademark is suggesting that the Surface Phone will have a flip-like display with each side measuring at about 5”.

The trademark, see picture above, suggests that the Surface Phone can operate with one display or open up with two displays for greater productivity and more efficient multi-tasking ability.

If Microsoft is able to offer just that, we don’t see why the major tech outlets wouldn’t label Surface Phone as a revolutionary device. The question is will it happen?