Microsoft Surface Phone Must Acknowledge Lumia!

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Microsoft is not a stranger in the smartphone market as they have made attempts to compete with Google and Apple before. Back then, Microsoft best products were the Lumia phones but their lack of features gave those phones a short life span.

Now, Microsoft is hoping for a second coming in the smartphone market and this time, they will compete with a single product. The details on the product are not revealed yet but it is said to be the Surface Phone.

After enjoying tremendous amount of success with the Surface Pro tablets, Microsoft is hoping to replicate it for the smartphone industry. The Surface Phone can be that premium, multi-functional and feature packed smartphone tailored for the general market.

The Surface Phone must not repeat the mistakes of the Lumia hence they must come out with the best hardwares and be priced at a reasonable level. The rumours are already signalling great potential with the Surface Phone as the device looks to feature Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM.