Microsoft Surface Phone Must Address Lumia Failures

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Microsoft is a seasoned manufacturer smartphone market but they never managed to make it big. The success of Apple and Android left Microsoft out in the cold and it forced the firm to call it quit. Well, Microsoft is about to make a return in the market and they are hoping for a strong comeback.

Dubbed as the second coming, Microsoft wishes to compete with a single product and it will adopt the same strategy as the Surface Pro table. The device is tentatively known as the Surface Phone and it will be a premium smartphone.

More importantly, Surface Phone must not repeat the mistakes of the Lumia hence they must come out with the best hardwares and be priced at a reasonable level. The rumours are already signalling great potential with the Surface Phone as the device looks to feature Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM.

The Surface Phone is projected to get unveiled in Q1 next year and only then can we measure its potential in the market. Will the phone be able to become that game changer Microsoft needs?