Microsoft Surface Phone Must Learn Lumia 101!

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Remember the Lumia line of smartphones that represents Microsoft in the smartphone market? Well, they turned into a huge failure and it pushed Microsoft out of the smartphone scene.

Today, Microsoft teased that they are making a huge return in the smartphone industry and they will be bringing one new product to kick start their campaign. The name of the mysterious phone is not finalized yet but many are calling it the Surface Phone.

Microsoft did say that the device will be like the Surface Pro but for the smartphone market and it makes complete sense for the tech giant to apply the Surface nameplate on the future device.

If the Surface Phone is to really follow the footsteps of the Surface Pro tablet, then it is bound to achieve great success. However, it is equally important for the Surface Phone to learn from the mistakes of the Lumia.

The last Lumia device failed to come out with the best hardwares at its time and the lack of user resources made it a failure on the customer satisfaction index. This is something which Microsoft needs to avoid with the Surface Phone.

The smartphone from Microsoft is described as the tech giant’s second coming in the smartphone industry and it is expected to make its debut in Q1 next year.