Microsoft Surface Pro: More MacBooks Biting The Bait

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In the tech industry, things can change rapidly and without warning. This can be seen today when Apple reported on a decline in sales of the 2016 MacBooks and what’s worst about it is that various reports are claiming the MacBook users trading in their device for a Microsoft Surface Pro.

The reports added that the ex-MacBook users are not pleased with the latest generation laptop, especially with the imbalance in pricing and performance. The Surface Pro is not something which they would love to have, especially since they are from the Apple community but they are not regretting the switch one bit.

These folks shared that they never realized the Surface Pro is capable of running iTunes and Apple-related software with ease and great efficiency. The only problem with the switch is with adapting to the different keyboard layout as well as the OS way of storing files.

Everything looks messier on the Surface Pro but the fact that the device can offer way more satisfaction for a lesser fee makes it an attractive catch.