Microsoft Surface Pro: More MacBooks Jumping Ships

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If Apple can turn back time, they would probably go back to 2016 and change the way they build the MacBooks. The latest MacBooks failed to offer a better experience than its predecessor and it got worse when Apple decided to push the prices up for the new laptops.

This has left many MacBook fans disappointed and a growing number of them have decided to ditch the laptop in favour for one from Microsoft. Yes, you read that right. The Surface Pro saw a surge in the number of new purchases and a large handful of them are ex-MacBook users.

The testimonies confirmed that the MacBook users are satisfied with the Surface Pro as it can run iTunes efficiently. The only setback is with the Surface Pro’s keyboard layout which needs some getting used to.

Either way, this proves that the Surface Pro is a good platform for MacBook users to be in. The device from Microsoft is packed with the best hardwares around and it is also affordable to own.