Microsoft Xbox One S: When Cheap Gets Cheaper!

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About a year ago, Microsoft launched the Xbox One S. The console is made to be the slimmer and cheaper alternative to the original Xbox One.

Today, the Xbox One S position has been boosted as it turns into the standard Xbox from Microsoft. The original Xbox One has been phased out to make room for the upcoming, overpowered Xbox One X.

If that is not good enough, the Xbox one S has now gotten cheaper through a surprise promotion from Microsoft. If you are to head to Microsoft’s website, the Xbox One S bundles are now starting at $249 and this is about $50 cheaper than the MSRP on launch day.

It is also worth noting that you will get two games with the bundle instead of one. We are unsure if this new pricing is going to be permanent for the Xbox One S so you better act fast if you want a cheap upgrade from your previous-gen consoles.