Moto G4 Plus Can Kiss Android Oreo Dreams Goodbye!

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About 2 years ago, Motorola launched the G4 Plus and they found huge success with the device. For an upmarket midrange phone, the G4 Plus came out with a great design and a superb performance.

If theirs is one downside to the G4 Plus, it is with the way the phone is getting treated by Motorola. The company that produced the phone is somehow reluctant to offer timely software updates for the device and users of the G4 Plus are annoyed by it.

Today, the G4 Plus has reached an age where it is no longer getting any further software updates and users are unhappy with the fact that the phone has not received Android Oreo. The current Android firmware was launched 9 months ago, at a time where the G4 Plus is still a phone eligible for updates and this is a request which users felt Motorola is obliged to fulfil.

However, looking at the timing of things, the odds are stacked against the G4 Plus getting Android Oreo. If you are to look at the newer G5, the phone got Android Oreo last week and this is very late from Motorola.

Keeping in mind that Android P is expected to debut in 2 months from now, it simply looks like the G4 Plus will not get Oreo at all.