Moto G5 Looks Set To Retain Budget Crown

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The world of flagship phones are competed by my three major players – Samsung, Apple and Google – and there seems to be no opportunity for other brands to step up. Iconic names like Motorola are being left with a small slice of the market share but they are not too bothered by it.

This is because Motorola has been producing some amazing devices for the midrange market and it allows them to survive the highly competitive industry. Motorola was the bestselling midrange brand last year and they are hoping to retain the crown this year with the G5.

Today, you can already take a sneak peek at the G5 after photos of it got leaked online.

As you can see above, the G5 will have a nice rounded shape to it and it does not look excessively large. While the details are not official yet, we are expecting the G5 to have a 5.2” display. Battery life will be one of the many strengths of the G5 as the 3,000mAh unit will be refined to offer an unbeatable screen-on-time.

Everything looks great for the Motorola G5 and we can’t wait to meet the smartphone in person. The G5 is scheduled to make its official unveiling at MWC 2017 next week. Are you excited?