Motorola Moto G6: Simple Upgrades Can Bring Greater Gains

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Last year, Motorola launched the G5 Plus and it is easily the best smartphone under the midrange category. The G5 Plus is just so impressive that it got many consumers interested to see what the G6 Plus will bring this year.

For those loyal to Motorola, they believe that only a few simple upgrades are needed for the G6 Plus and they can hand the tech company greater gains.

Aside from the usual processor upgrades, the G6 Plus should be designed with a 18:9 screen, USB Type-C and stereo speakers. These offerings are already available in the market and if they get implemented on the G6 Plus, it will bring greater sales promises.

Like the G5 Plus, the next-gen phone from Motorola will still be a mid-market device and it is likely to debut somewhere in Q2 this year. Let’s hope Motorola can live up to the demand above.