Motorola RAZR Wants To Stop Samsung W2018!

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It is no secret that Samsung is going to offer a new prototype as a production phone and the device is tentatively known as the W2018. What’s special about the W2018 is that the phone will have a flip setup and both sides of the display will be operate-able via touchscreen.

The aim here is to get the two 5.2” display that are attached together to turn a flip smartphone into a tablet with the goal of maximizing productivity. It is an interesting idea thus explaining why many can’t wait to check out the details with the W2018 when the phone arrives later this year.

The craze for W2018 is so loud that it has actually inspired Motorola to retaliate with an announcement of their own. The iconic brand in the phone industry may have lost a vast majority of its market share since the start of smartphones but prior to that happening; Motorola was the leading name thanks to their high quality flip devices.

One name worth mentioning is the RAZR phones. The RAZR is described by many as the best flip phone in tech history and Motorola is now planning to revisit the moniker.

While still unconfirmed, Motorola expressed their interest to compete with Samsung W2018 by reviving the RAZR and we can expect to learn more on this later this year. Hey, if Nokia can achieve something out of the new 3310, we should not write off the next-gen RAZR yet.