Move Aside Qualcomm, Samsung Wants To Take Over The Market!

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Android smartphones have been relying on Qualcomm chips for a long time now and this is something which a growing number of tech enthusiasts are tired of.

It cannot be helped because Qualcomm’s dominance in the market has made them complacent in recent years. If you are to look at their latest flagship Snapdragon chips, the improvements made are not as significant as they were 3-5 years ago. It doesn’t help knowing that the chips from Apple have been creating new benchmarks in the industry.

The solution for this is to have a competitor that can really hand Qualcomm a big spanking. Well, Samsung is interested in picking up that role and they actually talked about it earlier today.

Samsung revealed that they will no longer limit their chips through any exclusivity program, meaning that the Exynos processor can be supplied to other smartphone manufacturers. Samsung added that the S9 will show off the power which Exynos is capable of offering and they hope that this will convince smartphone makers to rely on their products instead of Qualcomm.

It will be interesting to see how Qualcomm responds to this and the brewing rivalry will only reap benefits for the consumers.