Netflix Turns Into Google’s Agent To Stop Rooting

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The application Netflix for Android has been updated with a brand new coding system and it is one that may anger you. We say so because Netflix now comes with Google’s Widevine DRM which means that it is tailored to not work on non-Google-Certified devices as well as altered Android systems.

This means that those that have rooted their phones will no longer get to access Netflix. It is unsure on what Google wants to achieve when they offer Widevine DRM but something tells us that the tech giant is preparing to go against rooters.

With Widevine DRM being able to identify a tampered system, it may get enforced on every other application thus preventing rooters from getting a breezy experience on the Android system.

The good news is that there is still a workaround for this and that is through the application Magisk. The tweak basically hides your system to protect it from getting detected by Widevine DRM.