Next Apple iPhone Delayed Due To Leak Absence?

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About exactly a year ago, the first leak on the Apple iPhone 7 surfaced online and it was spot on with its findings. The same can be said two years ago when a leak managed to depict the iPhone 6S with great accuracy.

This year, the world is anticipating the arrival of the iPhone 7S but there has yet to be any leak on the device. The absence of a leak got several rumor outlets all claiming that there is trouble with the development of the iPhone 7S and it may lead to a delay on the release date.

Some insiders even agreed with this when they predicted that the iPhone 7S will arrive later than usual. So instead of seeing the iPhone 7S getting released in September, the device is now being linked to an October launch date.

But of course, it could also be because Apple has tightened up security to prevent any further leaks on their future products. There is just no certainty on the matter hence you should take the above with a grain of salt.