Next Blackberry: Gimmicks Can’t Solve Bitter After-Sales!

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Blackberry is reportedly developing a brand new device and it will be one that is IP68-certified. This means that the mystery phone in development will become the first Blackberry device to be resistant to water and dust.

It is a great move for Blackberry but this will come at the cost of the physical keyboard. A leak from China shared that Blackberry changed their plans to offer a physical keyboard with their next device as it will not allow them to meet their water resistance goal.

For the Blackberry fans, they wouldn’t mind all these gimmicks so long as Blackberry addresses the elephant in the room – poor after-sales support. The Priv users, in particular, are furious that Blackberry has denied them of the Android Nougat update and they are disappointed that Blackberry never acknowledged their complaints.

With after-sales support becoming a criterion for many Blackberry lovers, the lack of improvement on this front will only ruin the sales prospects of the next Blackberry phone.