Next iPad Pro: Outdated Retina Display Needs Addressing

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The iPad Pro is officially the bestselling tablet from Apple and this explains why the tech giant has decided to discontinue the iPad Air. If that is not enough, the iPad Mini is also tipped to get discontinued in the future thus giving the iPad Pro complete charge in Apple’s tablet movement.

Such an outcome is not surprising at all because the market is now calling for more tablets that are powerful and more capable for productivity. The iPad Pro fits that bill well but there are some areas where it needs to improve in the near future or risk losing sales to the Android-powered slates.

One area is screen resolution, which has remained stuck at 264ppi on the iPad Pro. The pixel density is really poor and it needs a big improvement. While the resolution may work fine on the iPad Mini, it is just not good enough for the iPad Pro.

Apple needs to bring up the resolution to at least 370 ppi as anything less may not be enough to push the iPad Pro forward in the industry. The GPU power on the iPads has grown 40 times since 5 years ago but the resolution has remained the same. It is about time for things to change.