Next Nokia 6 Is A 2017 Phone Forced To Launch In 2018?

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2017 saw Nokia making a huge comeback in the smartphone industry as the year saw the iconic brand launching a number of new devices and all of them managed to sell well.

One of the phones that were introduced by Nokia last year is the Nokia 6 – a device that is made to cater the midrange market. The 2017 Nokia 6 came out with an MSRP that is much lower than rival devices with similar offerings hence making it a favourite for the consumers.

Within weeks from now, Nokia will be launching the next-gen 6 and while the phone is confirmed to arrive with a number of improvements over its predecessor, its software suggests that the device is actually meant for a Q4 2017 release.

If you are to head into Nokia’s website, you will see that the Nokia 6 will run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out-of-the-box but it will be getting an Oreo update in the future. The thing here is that Oreo is about half-a-year old already which means new phones shouldn’t even come out with Nougat.

The fact that the 6 will operate on Nougat further fuel the need for Google Treble and it brings an indication that the device was established several months ago but won’t get released until this month.

Either way, the next Nokia 6 still holds big promises to become a huge success as it will arrive with Snapdragon 630, 4GB of RAM, 5.5” full HD screen, 3000mAh battery and USB Type-C.