Nexus 6P Dazzles At Less Than $400!

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Several months ago, Google saw a huge incline in sales for the Nexus 6P and it is because of the deal on Project Fi. In case you are unaware, purchasing the Nexus 6P on Project Fi will only cost you $350 and this is way below the MSRP of the device.

Well, the only problem now is that the Nexus 6P promotion on Project Fi is no longer available and this means that you will have to pay a lot more money for the phone. Thankfully, we have found a new good deal for the Nexus 6P and one that you will find hard to resist.

Over at eBay, the Nexus 6P is now being sold for only $400 brand new. It might not be as cheap as the Project Fi promotion but it is currently the best deal around.

The Nexus 6P on eBay has 32GB of internal storage space and it is fully unlocked. The precise price on the website is $389.99. We are unsure if this is a timed exclusive hence you better act fast or rue on not getting a good price for the Nexus 6P.