Nexus 6P Users Shown Different Nougat Path

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Let’s face it. Not everything official is necessarily great. We are talking about the firmware updates on the Android platform that is never free of any issues.

Think about it. Google has been updating their flagship devices but none of those updates are free of any issues. The only way for the firmware to be issue-free is if it is downloaded from a third-party developer that is actively managing the software.

This is exactly why we have never been thrilled with a new update from Google, even if it is the Nougat OS for the Google Nexus 6P. If you agree with us, then we have got some great news for you. There is now a way for you to enjoy a stable built of Android Nougat on you Google Nexus 6P.

CyanogenMod has released CM14 Nightly Nougat ROM for the Google Nexus 6P and it is near perfect. If you are interested to apply the custom ROM, you can follow the installation steps here.