Nintendo Raise Doubts Over Microsoft Gaming Direction!

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Things have gone downhill for Microsoft since the release of the Xbox One as the gaming console has failed to compete on equal terms with the Sony PS4.

The hardware disadvantage on the Xbox One has led the majority of consumers into adopting a PS4 and there are also more gamers that have snubbed both platforms for the newly released Nintendo Switch.

While the Xbox One is still the runner-up in overall console sales of this generation, the profits earned by Microsoft has suffered a huge drop and it got worse today when reports confirmed that Nintendo has got a larger revenue than its rival from the US.

It is also worth noting that the Switch has acquired more sales in its first year than both the PS4 and the Xbox One thus putting it on the front-foot to become the bestselling platform of this generation.

Everything mentioned above simply shows that Microsoft is losing its power in the gaming scene and they will need to do better next time if they want to survive the stiff competition.