Nintendo Switch Books Unveiling Event, Mark Your Calendars!

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Nintendo has already released a teaser for the Switch and it got many gamers excited. The next-gen console that will be replacing the Wii U is unique, powerful and hybrid.

We admit that we are equally amazed when we saw the Switch functioning as both a home console and a mobile handheld gaming device. The fact that the Switch will also be equipped with the best hardwares made it extra exciting because the console may have enough to run cross platform IPs.

All that is left for Nintendo to do now is to unveil the Switch. Nobody knows when that will happen aside from Nintendo. That was the case until today when it was revealed that an event is being planned for January 13 in New York and it will see the official unveiling of the Switch.

So mark your calendars people because we are about two months away from the official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch. The event is expected to answer every unanswered question on the console.