Nintendo Switch iOS Jailbreak Still Pretty Useless

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Ever dream of playing Nintendo Switch’s game for free without having to shop for the title or the newly released console? Well, you should know that the Switch had just been hacked and exploited but an anonymous person but unfortunately for you, there is still no sign of a pirated game coming.

The hacker created quite a buzz online when he revealed that hacking the Switch is as simple as jailbreaking the Apple iOS. Both systems are very similar so he merely deleted iOS coding on the jailbreak before applying it on the Switch.

So as it stands, the Switch can already be exploited but the hacker will now need to work on duplicating the code files in order to develop an emulator as well as a ROM system. That future is still far away from now and it may not happen if Nintendo works on a patch to stop the hackers.

In short, the Switch mainframe is fully accessible at the moment but it serves no purpose especially when there are no pirated games around. For us, this is good news as we are strongly against piracy.