No Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Party This September?

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September is an exciting month for every smartphone lover as it will see Apple launching their new flagships and Samsung stealing the spotlight with a brand new Galaxy Note. But then again, the bitter launch of the Galaxy Note 7 makes it unlikely for the September Note party to happen in 2017.

We say this because the failure of the Note 7 may have killed the Note’s past, present and future. Samsung is a huge corporation and it is common practice for large companies to ditch a product after seeing it failing in the market.

As good as the Note 7 is, the faulty exploding battery it is equipped with have left a huge scar on Samsung’s reputation. Hence, it is only right for the tech giant to kill of the Note series entirely and replace it with something fresh and exciting.

Besides, having the Note 8 coming out this year will only add in to the confusion as the name of the phone will clash with the name of a Samsung tablet from the past. The Note name needs to retire and replaced with a pure game changer. Wouldn’t you agree?