Nokia 2 Caught Sneaking Ahead Of Nokia 8 Debut

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After successfully launching the 3, 5 and 6, Nokia has moved ahead with the development of a full flagship phone called the 8. The device is expected to make its debut next month and it promises to capture a big slice of the market.

However, it now appears that the Nokia 8 is not the only device that is coming out next month. Nokia is also reported to be working on the Nokia 2 but this particular phone has managed to escape the public’s eyes.

This cannot be helped as the Nokia 2 is not intended to be a big name in the industry. The phone will be the most basic choice in Nokia’s line-up as it is reported to come with Snapdragon 210 and 1GB of RAM.

In short, the Nokia 2 is made for the affordable mass market and prices are expected to be far under the $200 mark. The Nokia 2 is also said to make its debut right after Nokia launches the 8. It is certainly an exciting time to be a Nokia fan right now.