Nokia 2: It Can’t Get Any More Basic Than This

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Ever since Nokia made the switch to Android, the company has successfully captured a large slice of the market share and they continue to grow at a rapid pace. The Nokia 3 and 6, in particular, are amongst the top selling names in the market so what could be next from the company?

Well, the answer is the Nokia 2. It appears that Nokia see a lot of value on the budget market and this has resulted in the company placing an extra emphasis on cheap phones.

If you think that the Nokia 3 is the best basic phone money can buy, you are wrong as this title actually belongs to the Nokia 2. Nokia unveiled the 2 earlier today and the phone is confirmed to feature a 5” 720p display with power coming from the Snapdragon 212.

Other notable features include 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal memory and a super large 4,100mAh battery. With such a setup, the Nokia 2 can last for days and it will make a great starter phone or backup device to pair with your main phone. The Nokia 2 will retail at about $100 when released.