Nokia 3, 8 Eyes Early Android Oreo Rollout

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Getting a brand new Android-powered smartphone is not easy as there are many things and brands to take into consideration. If you are the sort that puts after-sales service ahead of everything else, then your best choice right now would be a device from Nokia.

Nokia is an iconic name in the mobile industry and they have been relegated to the lower leagues that moment when Android and Apple stole the show. This year, Nokia has made a big comeback in the market and this is thanks to their move to the Android system.

The Nokia 3 made an impactful debut earlier this year and this is now followed by a flagship model, the Nokia 8. The latter is equipped with the best hardwares available which allow it to compete with other flagship phones on equal footing.

The advantage with getting the Nokia 8 is that it won’t take you long to experience Android 8.0 Oreo. The latest Android system is already preparing for a mass rollout on Nokia phones and this is well ahead of rival makes.

The swiftness of the Oreo update is owed to the near-stock Android offering on Nokia phones. This used to be the feat of the Nexus devices from Google hence it is understandable why Nokia is comparing themselves to the old great.