Nokia 5: May As Well Name It A Nexus

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The Nexus phones from Google are now dead after getting replaced by the Pixel devices but there are other brands that are able to fill its void. We are referring to Nokia and their new phones, which happen to remind us a lot of the Nexus era.

Just a week ago, we got ourselves a brand new Nokia 5 to function as our test phone and that is when we saw the appeal with the device. To our surprise, the Nokia 5’s Android 7.1.1 system is truly in stock form.

There are little bloatwares on the Nokia 5 worth moaning about and the layout is kept neat and simple. The only thing added by Nokia on the software end is the Nokia camera and FM radio. There is also an OEM unlocking toggle in the developer buttons that encourages software experiments.

It seems that the only thing left for Nokia to do is to offer updates in a timely manner. If they are able to deliver just that, we will certainly be able to get over the Nexus devices.