Nokia 6.1: Amazon Deals Are Full Of Risks!

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It’s good to know that HMD has confirmed the Nokia 6.1 will go on sale in the US and if you’re planning to pick one up from Amazon, you best exercise caution.

It appears that the Nokia 6.1 that has been listed on Amazon is at risk of not being the official launch model tuned for the US market. A check with Nokia Mobile Care revealed that the Nokia 6.1 is scheduled to debut globally in May next month thus suggesting that the unit on Amazon is not one that is made for the US.

Even so, one of our readers have shared with us that he just received his Nokia 6.1 from Amazon yesterday and the phone comes with legitimate US coding. This implies that the phone is already in Amazon’s stock but the retailer has decided to sell the device ahead of schedule.

If that is to be the case, you don’t have to worry one bit as the heat will be on Amazon entirely. But just to be on the safe side, you should wait a month longer before getting the Nokia 6.1

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