Nokia 6 Android Phone Snubs US Market

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For months, we have been hearing about the return of Nokia in the smartphone market and how they are going to compete fiercely through aligning with the Android system. Well, it is already happening as Nokia launched its first product yesterday.

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday, the Nokia 6 was launched but it escaped the eyes of the world. This is because the sneaky debut of the Nokia 6 took place in China, which is pretty strange if you are to consider that the device has pledged to make its debut at MWC in Barcelona next month.

Well, the US market like the rest of the world other than China is now placed on hold when it comes to receiving the Nokia 6 but the good news here is that we can already check out the specs of the device.

The Nokia 6 will feature a 5.5” Full HD screen and it will draw power from the Snapdragon 430 SoC with 4GB of RAM to offer. The phone will also feature a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front shooter.

It is pretty obvious here that the Nokia 6 will end up being a mid-range smartphone but when compared to the other devices in the segment, the Nokia 6 looks like the most attractive choice around. The full details will be out at MWC next month.