Nokia 6: Speedy Update Makes It Fitting Of Nexus Name

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Success is a word best describe Nokia’s jump into the Android market as many have flocked into adopting a Nokia phone. This cannot be helped as the new phones produced by Nokia offers stock Android experience and superb software support.

Nokia may still be far away from competing with Samsung and LG in volume sales but that did not stop them from rolling out updates ahead of the competition.

The latest Nokia 6 is the best example of superb after sales support as the device is the first non-Google Android-powered phone to have received July security updates. Swift update is a trait of the discontinued Nexus phones hence it makes the Nokia 6 the best choice for those that crave a Nexus-like experience.

The Nokia 6 features a 5.5” full HD screen and it draws power from the latest generation Snapdragon 430 with 3GB of RAM. The Nokia 6 also exercise great value as it retails at about $300.