Nokia 8: Google Nexus Pricing On The Cards!

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The Nokia 8 is the newest phone from Nokia and it is pending to become available for purchase here in the US. Seeing that Nokia referred to themselves as the new Nexus, we can expect the 8 to have a below average MSRP when released.

Today, we can already get a rough idea on how much the Nokia 8 will cost based on its MSRP in regions the phone has been released to. Over in Europe, the 8 is priced at €590. If the price exchange pattern of phones is to be referred to, the 8 may very well cost about $490 here in the US.

Should this be the price point of the Nokia 8 in the US, then we can confirm that the phone is truly cheaper than rival devices. The gap is quite significant, especially if you consider that the 8 is equipped with similar hardwares to other flagship phones.

Also, seeing that the Nokia 8 has a stock-Android-like system with swift updates, the phone fits the Nexus comparison like bread and jam.