Nokia 8: Here’s What The USA Is Missing Out On

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The 8 is the newest product from Nokia and it offers superb value for a flagship phone. With a price that is equivalent to about US$455, the Nokia 8 can offer a performance that is on-par with other Snapdragon 835-powered devices with better software-hardware integration.

In detail, the Nokia 8 runs on the Snapdragon 835 processor with 4/6GB of RAM and 64/128GB of fixed internal storage. The best part is that the Nokia 8 has full support for external storage and also an audio jack.

This makes it a flagship device that is second to none in terms of hardwares. What’s best about it is Nokia’s interest in offering a stock Android experience. Thanks to this interest, the 8 has got a very clean interface that feels like what a Google Nexus would have been if it gets released today.

Perhaps, the joke about Nokia being the new Nexus is pretty accurate after all since the new Nokia 8 is priced significantly lower than the competition but it has all the ingredients to give a strong fight. It’s just too bad that Nokia is still uncertain about launching the 8 here in the US.