Nokia 8 Undermines Google Pixel 2 Prospects

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In a matter of weeks from now, Nokia is expected to launch their flagship device known as the Nokia 8. Despite being a new and an unproven phone, there is more anticipation shown towards the Nokia 8 than the upcoming Google Pixel 2.

This cannot be helped as the last few phones launched by Nokia hints on a flagship that is priced below the competition and offers stock Android experience.

The Nokia 8 is expected to come out running on the Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM. With stock Android on-board, the phone promises the best hardware-software integration which means a better all-around performance than other flagship devices this year.

The same can be said for the upcoming Pixel 2 but recent reports are suggesting on an underwhelming experience with the flagship phone from Google. The reports are claiming that the Pixel 2 won’t have an audio jack and it will also be priced extravagantly.

If these are spot on, then it is easy to understand why more consumers are leaning towards the Nokia 8 than the Google Pixel 2. Nokia has identified their phones as the perfect replacements for Google Nexus hence the success of Nokia 8 may make Google regret pulling the plug on the Nexus program.