Nokia 8: US Campaign To Commence Next Week?

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Nokia has already told us everything which we need to know about the Nokia 8 but this is with the exception of the phone’s US sales debut. The 8 was unveiled a month ago and there is still no sign of the phone coming to the retailers. So when will the device get released?

Today, we are able to get a better idea on this after reports revealed that the US-version of the Nokia 8 has gotten FCC certification. On average, a brand new Android phone will get released a week after getting through with the paperwork hence we are looking at next week for Nokia to start selling their flagship device here in the US.

The reports which shared on the 8’s certification process also pointed out that the phone will feature Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space.

This is an attractive specs-sheet for the Nokia 8 and all that is left to do is for Nokia to blow the competition by offering their flagship device with a low calling price.