Nokia 9: Could This Be It?

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2017 is fast approaching its end but the year is still not done yet as there is one more major phone planning to make its debut in December. The title of this article has given it away and it is as it says – the Nokia 9.

Dubbed as the more premium version of the flagship Nokia 8, the Nokia 9 is rumoured to run on the Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB of RAM to offer. The phone will also feature dual-lens rear camera which will be embedded on the metallic body.

Today, we can confirm that the Nokia 9 will have a similar design to the Nokia 8. This is thanks to a leak photo of a case made for the device and it can be seen above.

Like the 8, the Nokia 9 will have tiny bezels and you can see the dual-lens camera on the rear portion of the phone. The shape of the 9, however, appears slimmer and this gives it greater appeal.

The official details on the Nokia 9 are expected to come out in the early weeks of December and we will update them here so stay tuned.