Nokia 9: Iconic Cameras Will Blow iPhone 8 & Note 8 Out Of The Water

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Come September this year, both Apple and Samsung are expected to launch their best smartphones yet. Apple will be bringing out the iPhone 8 whereas Samsung will pull the wrappers off the Galaxy Note 8.

Both devices will run on the best hardwares around and they also promise to offer the best mobile photography experience. We can be certain that the iPhone 8 and Note 8 will try to outdo each other in mobile photography but the title ‘best’ may not belong to either device.

This is because the upcoming Nokia 9 may just be the phone with the best photography setup yet. New reports have confirmed that Nokia is bringing back Zeiss optics, a camera brand that has received the best ratings in the past.

With the Nokia 9 being the next big thing from the company, it may get equipped with the latest Zeiss cameras thus giving the phone the potential to be the greatest in the photography department. It is either that or the Nokia 9 will be average and the name Zeiss will be used for marketing purposes.