Nokia C1 Leaked Specs A Big Hoax?

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Yesterday, details on the upcoming Android-powered smartphone from Nokia got leaked online and it immediately placed the device in the limelight.

The leak claims that the device will be called the C1 and it will come with Snapdragon 830, 4GB of RAM and dual-lens cameras. Everything about the C1 sounds exciting until someone managed to expose the leak as a big hoax.

Redditor CKRETBEAT shared that the C1 leak is an obvious lie and this is because of it being linked to run on Snapdragon 830. A recent announcement from Qualcomm has confirmed that the next flagship SoC will be numbered 835 thus signalling the leak as a hoax.

But of course, the lack of information on the next Nokia phone has made it difficult for us to see through the wave of fakes and spot a real leak. Perhaps it is best to wait until Nokia unveils their next big thing and that is going to happen next year.