Nokia X6: Rapid Sale Isn’t Worth Celebrating!

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Several days ago, HMD Global released the all-new Nokia X6 over in China and it took the phone only a few seconds to get completely sold. Yes, you read that right. If we recall correctly, 12 seconds were all that is needed for the first batch of the Nokia X6 to go sold out.

Yesterday, the second batch of the X6 arrived in China and like the original batch, it went sold out almost instantaneously. It’s a great way to show to the world that there is a major craze for Nokia X6 but thinking beyond it will raise more doubts over the accomplishment.

For starters, no actual figure sales were announced by HMD Global hence there is a huge chance for the batches to arrive in small numbers. Insider reports claimed that the first batch contains 100,000 units and the second batch is around a similar figure.

The reason the second batch managed to enjoy instant sales is owed to the craze that started with the first batch, which has reeled in a large number of consumers into pre-ordering the Nokia X6.

Make no mistake about it. The Nokia X6 is still a hot-selling phone that is moving in large numbers. But to celebrate the marketing of HMD Global without any actual figures is just biting the bait too easily.