Old Sony Xperias Handed A New Life By French Law Enforcers!

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Sony may not be the biggest name in the smartphone scene but they are always there to offer devices with a high quality experience. It is just too bad that their poor marketing strategy and market reach has prevented them from being a big volume seller like Samsung and Apple.

While things may have improved for Sony on the sales front in recent years, their older products are still stuck in the warehouse whilst catching dust. That is until today when a Sony has secured a deal with the France’s Police Nationale and National Gendarmerie to supply them with smartphones and tablets.

In detail, the deal will see 67,000 Xperia X smartphones and 18,300 Xperia Z4 tablets getting supplied to the French law enforcers hence making it a win-win situation for both parties.

The French cops will get to enjoy a respectable tech product that they can rely on for their daily duties whereas Sony can start relaxing over their supply surplus. Sure the Xperia X and Z4 are not the newest devices from Sony but they are still great nonetheless.