OnePlus 3T Gets A Premature Termination

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Here in the world of Android, the average smartphone has a life span of about 21 months in the market. One the Android-powered device reaches 21-months-old, it will automatically get pulled out from the market.

Despite this being a common practice from the manufacturers, OnePlus has got other plans and it is to discontinue their products if they see no hope for big sales. This is proven yet again with the OnePlus 3T, which has been terminated by OnePlus despite being only 5-months old.

The happening raised a lot of debates on the internet and many agreed that OnePlus should not have terminated the 3T this early on. Even if they are doing so to make room for their next flagship model, it would be nicer of OnePlus to sell the 3T at a cheaper price.

But then again, it is worth noting that OnePlus is already operating on thin margins as it is with the 3T. It will only hurt them more on the financial end if they are to sell the 3T at a lower price.