OnePlus 5: Battery Update Hopes Raised After Bug Killing Success

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The phones from OnePlus are widely loved for their affordability and flagship-like performance but getting them would mean to willingly accept poor after sales support.

This cannot be helped as throughout the existence of OnePlus phones, the China-based tech firm has failed a lot of times in offering decent after-sales support. OnePlus has made many update promises but they never managed to deliver.

But with the latest OnePlus 5, things have started to improve drastically. OnePlus is actually quick to offer an update to the device and we can see it yesterday when they launch a fix for a bug that prevented the OnePlus 5 from dialing emergency services.

The speed of the update got the users hopeful on the upcoming battery update promised by OnePlus for the 5. The update is said to double the screen-on-time on the OnePlus 5 and it is expected to arrive by mid-August next month. Are you excited?