OnePlus 5 Forcing You To Choose – Battery Life Or Emergency Services?

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Being a OnePlus 5 user, I am pleased to see OnePlus getting better with after sales services. Just recently, an issue was found with the 5 and OnePlus was quick to offer a fix for it.

In case you are unaware, the OnePlus 5 was unable to dial any emergency numbers. Attempting to do so will result in the phone crashing and the crashes won’t go away. The fault left the users in fear, knowing that they can’t call a cop in times of emergency.

Well, those fears were put to rest swiftly but this comes with a new issue – battery life. While I may commend OnePlus for offering quick updates and fixes, the latest fix brought along a new bug that drains the battery at a faster rate than usual.

So if battery life is more important than a sudden emergency situation, I would advise you against applying the update. However, this is only temporary as OnePlus has acknowledged the issue and they have promised another fix coming just to address the bug.