OnePlus 5: Has OnePlus Lost The Plot?

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It is official. The OnePlus 5 is now available for purchase and it can be obtained from $479. The phone is built with hardwares that can rival the average flagship in the Android world but is it truly worth it?

We raise this question because the OnePlus 5’s launching price is a lot higher than its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T. The same can be said for the 3T when compared to the launch price of the OnePlus 3.

It is clear that the price is increased with every new successor and the OnePlus 5 is now valued just under any other flagship device in the Android world. Despite being an overall better phone, you are still paying a hefty fee for a device that has 1080p display instead of QHD, a standard camera, huge bezels on design, no IP certification, no microSD and the worst rated customer support.

It just feels like the OnePlus 5 is no longer a device that can give flagship Android phones a run for its money. Instead, the price for the OnePlus 5 is justified with what you are getting.

With that being said, is the OnePlus 5 truly worth the purchase? Well, judging by the long queue for the phone over in New York, we guess that the OnePlus 5 is still well accepted but it won’t last long if the pattern is to continue for the future OnePlus 6.