OnePlus 5T Brings $40 Discount To Event-Goers

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It is official. The OnePlus 5T is happening and the phone will be getting launched later this month. The 5T will be like how the 3T is to the original 3. This means that the phone will get a mild hardware upgrade with a more premium finish.

Today, OnePlus revealed that consumers can enjoy $40 discount on the 5T and some other extras if they are to participate at the phone’s launch event. The statement was made on OnePlus’ website and it was also indicated there that event ticket prices will be at $40.

With the ticket, consumers can slash $40 of the OnePlus 5T and they can also get some extra treats at the event. We, at first, thought that the idea to pay $40 for a marketing show is just pure stupid until we realize that the ticket can be converted into discounts for the OnePlus 5T.

You can check out the details below: