OnePlus 5T: Poor Oreo Update On The Cards!

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The 5T is the newest phone from OnePlus and many consumers have shown interest in adopting the device. Like other phones from OnePlus, the 5T is equipped with the best hardwares available today while being priced cheaper than its rivals.

The OnePlus 5T is certainly an attractive phone which you can buy right now but getting the device comes with a big catch. It is poor after-sales support from OnePlus.

We have been monitoring OnePlus’ movement since the release of the One and never once have the company been credited for offering timely updates and fulfilling their support promises. Take the OnePlus X as an example. The promised Marshmallow update is still nowhere to be found.

Google may have introduced Treble to solve this issue but it won’t affect the OnePlus 5T. For those who don’t know what Treble is, it is a tool which Google has developed and it is meant to ease the release of updates.

The thing here is that Treble is offered with Android 8.0 Oreo and this won’t be the firmware which the 5T will run on out-of-the-box. As such, OnePlus won’t have to adhere to the new updating mechanism which means that their updating support is not going to improve with the 5T.

With that being said, you shouldn’t hope for much about OS updates with the OnePlus 5T. At least not hoping will save you from being disappointed by unfulfilled update promises which OnePlus is famous for.