OnePlus 5T: Top Half Escape The Covers

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2017 is fast coming to a close but there is still one major phone that has yet to make its debut. It is the OnePlus 5T, a device that is tipped to be the more powerful version of the OnePlus 5.

Rumours have been claiming that the OnePlus 5T is not going to happen due to the unavailable SoC upgrade but this is not true at all. Various leaks are available and they allow us to confirm that the 5T is in development.

Today, the leaks got strengthened further after industry insider EVLeaks brought out a photo that depicts the top half of the phone from the front. The picture is believed to have been taken in secret and it gives us a minor glimpse on how the OnePlus 5T will look like.

From the picture, we can see that the 5T will have ultra-slim bezels and a single front-facing camera. The details are not out yet and they are expected to surface in late November. You can check oout the photo below and share with us your thoughts on it.