OnePlus 6: Did Notch Ruin Silk White?

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About two days ago, OnePlus released the white colour option for the all-new OnePlus 6. The colour option is called Silk White and it turned out to be a huge hit for OnePlus.

To keep things brief, the OnePlus 6 in Silk White achieved sold out status within one day after making its debut in Europe. This is really massive and it goes to show the huge craze for the OnePlus 6.

Personally, we have nothing against the OnePlus 6 and this includes the notch. That was the case until Silk White handed the notch feature an awkward feel.

Just look at the picture above as a reference. The beautiful Silk White is a candy to the eye but when looking at the front, everything turns black. Obviously, OnePlus can’t have the notch being painted in white as that will only ruin the colour balance but things are not a lot better with black.

We hope we are not the one that have this awkward stance towards the OnePlus 6 in Silk White hence we would love to hear your opinion on the phone.